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technical rather than practical. Jacksonian epilepsy is the name for localized
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see p. 32 ; cf. also "^^iJjiT^ cISfTJl q^^l«Qli>lti|51!SJ«ti|" Sum-
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2. The tJteoyy of hioplasm or its granules.— In all contagious fevers there
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Lowell. 2. Extract from Letter to Dr. Forbes. 3. Rebecca j
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with his t)oon companions at the village inn, says: "Indigestion is the devil,
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determined to test the operation in this case, and gave no medicine except for
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the insanity in these cases, for many of them would have become
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only an esthetic value, and should be classed as surgical fracture, or forcible
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May i6th, operation on the mastoid, assisted by Dr. Brill, Dr. Harry Sherman
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usual manner, the diaphyseal focus, through an opening on the anterior surface
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forced. The strength used is stated to be one in ten, and the lambs
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is obtained in the above prescription). Lectures on venereal diseasess, by W. P.
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Fron> the circumstantial details given above, e?-
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recent written review of the senior class at the Medical College :
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ray examination although at times, even ^^^^^^ ^J^ doubting, however, if it is
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they are supposed to represent. The public is inclined to regard the prosecution
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without saying. Both of them lie before me as I write. As a matter of
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absent, all of which he attributes to his free use of his one to forty solution of
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1, -u-:-^ 4.1 ^ r 4. • u membranes of the stomach, due to both
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and is thoroughly familiar with every phase of its development and application.
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August 17, 1896. On admission we got the following history : He had suffered a
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same baby was brought to the policlinic, moderately
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hemorrhage from thirty to forty years of terminates m ankylosis, the other often
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,
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times daily for many weeks; iron, if the infant is anaemic (no
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with acquired dipsomania, the form accepted by English authors,
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consolation; there are no comforters for dyspepsia and toothache." Emerson
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frappdns de cette origin " — de Sacy : " Calila et
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tain. He enjoyed good general health, curs slower when the injections are fre-
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I do not desire to consume very much of your valuable time, but will say this
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with the metacarpal bone of the thumb. Any osseous projection at the radial
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nants, mucus, and often gastric ulcer, and does not
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Examination of the Urine as a means of Diagnosis. By Theodore
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with its congener until 1874. Nothing was known of the topical virtues of