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McCormick, Wm. W., 4916, San Francisco, Med. Dept Rocky Mountain Univ., (Gross Med. Coll.)

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' - . I 'aliments.— Vic. S. Yoiinsr, Pa. : Br. W. Tavlor. Ta. : Dr.

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body of the testicle and its becoming rapidly adherent to the scrotum. The left

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Amount invested in real estate for banking purposes, . . . . $25,000 00

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Dr. Phelps urged the importance, in similar cases, of early operation to pre-

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fit is more marked because of the help of the alcoholic poison. It is noteworthy

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There are no other uterine or tubal diseases which require the use of the

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used it in three chronic cases of the former and one of the latter,

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surrection, and was an eye witness to the fact. The Polish troops

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gest epilepsy. Morel, Echeverria and others have published many cases in which

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Colds are generally caused by attacks of bacteria upon the raucous membranes

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not hesitate to draw blood, and do not cease until the grains of powder have been

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Maximum velocity of wind, direction, and date, 30m, W., a .

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half, making delivery possible without mutilation of the fetus.

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tory of many suits fought through the practitioners, should on general princi-

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unknown to the well-known, shall see that these deadly diseases are not the

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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 1 1| per cent., 142,487 19 J

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spoonful representing three grains of the Chloride of Propyla-

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of the virus increases with each generation, until with the twenty -fifth

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determine the condition of the savings bank. The expense

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interest and ambition in- occupation. Others, in whom the disease has made

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gage in a practice or calling of a public result perfectly legitimate and proper

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Wick, with encl. : Br. P. S. Leisenrina:, with end.: Br. J. II.

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with diverse and painful manifestations of chronic rheumatism, gout, lithiasis-

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the race. His religious feelings being unsuppressed, are allowed to

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shot wounds, and the small percentage of amputations, are gratifying evidences of

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and which has earned and paid regular dividends on all its

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low down leg as the knee posteriorly. The mere diagnosis of an existing fistula,

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the one presented here in this specimen from my private collection,

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renew the water more than once in twenty-four hours.

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This Establishment, erected at great expense for the business,

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(i) Trans. Royal As. Soc, Vol. i pp. 19-43 and pp. 92-118

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cedure. When knowingly facing death, he left word thanking the

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necessary to be considered, but his energy as manifested in recovery from serious

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Net income received from same during year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . . 3,336 90

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Amount of investments from which no income is received, . . . 5,000 00

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