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the salient features of the new charter, which 'should commend it to the
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stitutional cause, uterine carcinoma is al- greatly diminished.
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Value, by books, of real estate, held or owned by foreclosure or otherwise, $650 00
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value a decade hence, than to buy that which is of no intrinsic value. There are
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and in which their effects will receive exhaustive study. It will be of the utmost
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irritation is an important one. That the profession has abandoned in great part
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Any of us who have witnessed violent h3^terical paroxysms, can readily believe
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twenty-three years sixty-nine pipes, or 35,688 bot-
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Hippocrates wrote the first treatise on the subject, and demonstrated from an
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 5,243
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The dosage .varies with the patient, but it is repeated every
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could only occur from one cause, viz., the multiplication of the septic
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Office Payments— Drs. R. A. Given, L. H. Pease, S. H. Homer,
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one-half of the surgeons in Paris use ether, and the other half chloroform. Dr.
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There were, however, two carious teeth on the left upper jaw.
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upon milking as the dirtiest of work and prepare for it accordingly. But little
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stomach and alimentary canal responded very well to treatment and in a short
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xiv, No. 2, describing his technique in full, advocating the vaginal route, as the
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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 51
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had been decided to amputate the feet in the anterior' two-thirds and have the
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phate of soda, an increase in the proportion of cream,
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erysipelas, in leucoc3rtosi8, in pyemia, and in other suppurative diseasfs. Len-
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A more extended consideration of the theory of the swine-plague
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and ammunition, all tend to make many partisans of the small calibres. Their
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were but two recoveries recorded they do not modify the average of the
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business for an hour. From two to four ounces may be passed with
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hfHWjning of the pigmentation. Finally the patient discontinued
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Therefore, the Alienist and Neurologist should be on every table, as it is now
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Accumulated deficiency of daily mean temp, since Jan. 1, 9'
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nomena, which is like the heart's action to sterilize some millions of gallons daily
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the belief that they were murderers, and that I would all at once comprehend
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