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As he removed the truss the pain ceased, but to his great surprise he could not

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must not be applied to the two fatal cases I reported. Both patients were told of

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not injure it. One Truss will last a lifetime, and from the pecu-

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ence. This seems to the reviewer to be both conservative and safe surgery.

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a full discussion of them pertii^eat to works devoted especially to them. His

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formed the harmless Bacilhis of hay into the deadly Bacillus of anthrax.

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Commission of the Government of India, and the latest contribu-

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instrument to a broad surface of it, thereby facilitating a free play

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W. M. Herron, Dr. E. H. Pentz, Dr. J. H. Wilson, with encl.:

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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 93

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The revision and the additional matter has been quite an improvement, and

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tion with the state of the bodily health, we have still before us

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For Sai^e. — My house, six rooms, an acre of land set to choice

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Each player is dealt seven(7) cards in their hand, without showing their hand.

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Rowe Caven, Pacific Beach; Arthur M. Smith, Los Angeles; Curtice

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Incorporated March 4, 1835. Present number of corporators, 23.

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cleido- mastoid muscle. The treatment had illustrated the effect of the supine

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odour. In connection with this it is interesting to r6ad Professor

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Dr. A. Breni/.er, Charlotte, N. C.,Dr. A. B. Croora, Maxton. N C.. Dr. J. M Covington. Wadesboro. N C, Dr. W. C.

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25-per-cent. solution of nitric acid is injected once daily by

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ments of reputable firms on the basis of mainly by its advertisements. Notwith-

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had suffered for months with gonorrhoea, and had used injections of

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that it will be found l>etter to resort to soap and water, used

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lent infiltrations of the cornea, which 'shows a tenden-

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Maximum velocity of wind, otrectiun, and date, a4m,NB,the a5

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To the bread winner, it means clean University of Maryland with the degree

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convenience. In some cases the ipecacuanha does produce sick-

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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend J 1| per cent., $9,417 02 ) ™,g 270 7%

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tion requires not only that the room itself be ventilated, but al^o that the loft

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Dean, and Professor of the Principles of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, and Clin-

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bition, is of as little use in this world as did not "growl?