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wife he continued in the management of a business that brought him a fortune.
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accepted. Tuberculosis of the lymphatics, especially of the neck « are generally
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Bnrchard, M.D., D.D.S., special lecturer on dental pathology and therapeutics at
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said, it was the general opinion that dyspeptics should have a limited diet, but
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with the facts and suffering with the same M. Baker, John M. Maury, JDS DaVis
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two or three hours, or oftener. Aconite in small doses is often
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f 1$ per cent., $5,902 93 ) ,n iqr 14
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breast,' and certainly to judge from the psychical peculiarities of pulmonary dis-
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til the patient finally succumbed to the 104 to 105 degrees, ^'°^^^^ "^.f^^^/if^^,",
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as to the precise nature of cases of the kind referred to, I am in
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for boys and girls should be at opposite portions of the ground. It would be wall
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least it seems difficult to explain the presence of this parasite m puer-
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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 213
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The disease had prevailed for seveiul weeks, and a few hogs from this
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2. Where there is a gradual increase in the rapidity of the pulse after 24
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"I have been unable to find anything to show what effect
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Friedrich Grosse believes that much confusion has arisen
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view then the mental failure seen in epilepsy is not wholly due to the fits but in
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plication of the granules at its lower surface prevents examination Avith
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exists; and the like is true of the American Indian. Place either
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application of a faradic current to the epigastrium (Erb's
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first four divisions, diagnosis and treatment; anatomy, development and its
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ing the virus of fowl cholera. These experiments proved that the
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Fistulae which are not the result of ulceration and perforation of the rectal wall
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could conclude I had not got was the house maid's knee."
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smallpox in Europe alone. Where the Stegomyia Calopus, that conveys the dis-
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individually, but the whole cluster could at times be seen to change
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is softened and filled with the products of inflammation, pus, broken-down
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Case II.— Oophorectomy in an In/ant eleven weeks old.—Bahy Helen R., age
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tan and the self-seeker so much, that we come, like David when in
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been afflicted with epilepsy, and whose mind was now somewhat im-
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The right hmg has a few lobules in each of the anterior and middle lobes hepatized.
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It will be interesting to consider for a moment the mechanism of the discharge
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losses or otherwise, shall, within three months after re-
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Treasurer, for two years. Dr. H.D. Walker. Elizabeth Citj
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local causes for the reason that it produces in this brief paper, no attempt has been