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cleansed once a year, just before the school opens, and the water allowed to col-
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Jaundice is determined by finding bile water should be given freely, and sodium
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culin as a therapeutic agent in ocular tuberculosis in man and beast.
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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : first Monday in June and
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Dr. Ball : I had a remarkable case here in Santa Ana. Was called to see a
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coordination of cause and effect-; — were Ipst sjght
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drew Nebingor, Furman Sheppard, Esq., W. V. McKean, Esq.
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Williams JosBHH W., 491S, Los Ani^eles, Cincinnati Coll. Med. and Surg;., O., Feb. a3, 1878.
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non is in keeping with that observed in although the involvement of the lung is
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the medical profession — in Southern California by attending and
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come regular and more effective. Its advantages over chloroform
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When rheumatism and diphtheria are absent the author recom-
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phia. Us extended use has led to the introduction of spurious imitations, against which you have done well to guard the profes-
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— ^The Processes of the Rungwala — Chemical Explanation
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f If per cent., $44,499 02 ) oq ~q~ - 9
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with the result that micturition was quickly reduced from six
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times daily, and her improvement was very marked, and she is now practically
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accompanied by other deformities. Grawitz found seven cases with other defects,
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encl.; Br. C V. Barnett. with encl.: Dr. L. A.Sayre. with encl.;
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did not return, yet the eye gradually receded to a level with its fellow. He had
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to 148° P. for two hours. One of these unfortunately disappeared from
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occasions tlio following method of preparation as given by H. V.
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and free from danger. The edges usually unite by first intention,
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remedy. In the morning, as early as possible, a 20-grain capsule
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the direct result of insufficient water drinking ; that the popular fever of germs
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cement to professional unity. But the holding of the session in a
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authors. He found the medical world profoundly ignorant of the
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There was little action on the pulse or temperature; if anything,
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the aseptic precautions of the present day, the slight wound of an aspirating
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induced by a given operation, it is self evident that whatever will fortify the
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partially attributed to the attractive rates in the money market
valium o diazepam como droga
-* *.*X.*'»*'^^^J''V^V>'>i-"»^''^''^-*'>«rf'"^''V^X>
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tution of this substance is AuClg. NaCl + 2H^0j and
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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 535
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notice that hereafter no professor or other teacher in, nor any graduate of any
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cleansing douche; zinc sulphate, 2 drachms to the quart, is as-
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** It was very important that he should be able to travel within a day or two. I
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acetozone, and the results had surpassed his expectations, not
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