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Hiwtington, Samuel D., 49^19, San Francisco, Cal., Med. Dept. Univ. Cal., May la, 1897.

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tect their eyes from the glare of the powerful illumination.

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our stomachs," and Voltaire declared : ** I would exchange a hundred years of

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frequency of the pulse and in the force of the ventricular contractions. The

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Flat Pattern, vrith Pockets in Front, and Black Patent

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number of grains of solids in the whole amount. By comparing

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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending

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means of injection, using a moderately strong solution of car-

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S. M. Cate, B. F. Campbell, M. A. Fuller, each with encl. ; Dr. O'

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When once he became a prey to this agony nothing could prevent

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with encl. ; Dr. A. J. Cummings; Dr. C. G. Adams: Dr. Horatio

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lation ; this cuts off the access of air to a certain extent, and, conse-

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rators may desire to possess the copies containing their communi-

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5. Critical arhythmias of ( Convalescence of typhoid fever, at the moment of

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prescribing and the pharmacist in dispensing the Mulford products is thus insured.

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California, held Apr. 5, 1898, the following certificates were granted:

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black cell painted on an ordinary glass slide. As a moist chamber, in

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The chest should, throughout the entire course of the disease, be encased in a

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shall be personally liable, equally and ratably and not one

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plates. He advocated the use of forceps instead of ligatures.

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the physician must study the condition of the general system

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culty. It has erroneously been supposed that constipation always signifies a diffi-

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his leg flexed, he can straighten it without difficulty ; a person affected with men-

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entirely removed. Should it become necessary to remove the entire cuticle do not

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for a considerable length of time, unless the individual is very susceptible to

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of the cervix, vagina or perineum, besides possible injuries to the

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