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coffee should be given as a respiratory stimulant. Tea and hot punch may also

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facise evidence of the shameless quackery of the concern. From

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the pneumonia lesion. On placing the fingers upon the sub-

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it is not difficult to locate it definitely by either following down the distended

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Bull, de I'AcAd. de M^d. Paris, May 5, 1896 and May 11, 1897. ,

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These things are but the result of suggestion conveyed to the subjective mind.

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for more than the alloted three score years and ten, and who was greater

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* T. E. Lewis in Quart. Jour. Mio. Soi., 1879, p. 400.

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oil should be rubbed into the exposed parts and repeated occa-

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Bloom, J. Cox, Sims, Neff, Salmon, and H. A.Giidea, (adv.)

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In convulsions from any cause, when attended with high fever, I believe cold

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rounding the cancer. I have used it may times, always with good results, and

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or pure carbolic acid. When pus is present it should be released

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two hours, depending upon the severity of the trouble. Nose must be looked after

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which otherwise would never have been revealed, or to the effect by self-accusa-

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one dollar, shall be supplied with such number of copies as will

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In the general management of the patient, small doses of calo-

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a half, as I would be averse, in the present state of our know-

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very extensively to the Medical Profession during the past

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Association, in Detroit, Mich., on the 13th, 14th and 15th Nov.

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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :

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panied by symptoms. We find a large percentage of digestive disturbances in

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be perfectly fresh and normal. All animals from which glands and

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body in standing and walking will force the head of the femur higher and higher,

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Value, by books, of other real estate, held or owned by foreclosure or

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discover and ** regain the blissful seat" from which not only myXhoXogy but

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realise things which by nature are impossible." — Albdruni's 'India'

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covered that I had typhoid fever ; must have had it for months, without knowing

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like many others connected with the influence of bacteria as morbific

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Levassort applies bicarbonate of soda directly to the wound,

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The patient did well, bowels moved on the fourteenth, and sutures

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tion of arthrectomy is not often sufficient. White swelling beginning then, us-

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ceived this honor at the hands of the great naturalist Rev. Dr.

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necessary to be considered, but his energy as manifested in recovery from serious

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rarpkl growth, which I described in councetion with alveolar

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As the editor says, there is no lack of books on clinical medicine, but the beauty,

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International Clinics, the following is said to give satisfactory

is valium compatible with normal saline

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To some a headache is a headache only, to others its mode of onset,