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Post-mortem examination. — Aidominal organs : On incising the walls of the abdomen

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unadulterated green tea. Let the lovers of the herb

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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f 2 per cent., $31,761 90 | g4 „., 2 -

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face in hot water every night, and then apply a sulphur oint-

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4. These cases have not been benefited by the usual hemostatic remedies.

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Experiment No. 45. — Four chickens receive a hypodermic injection of

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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 1 If per cent., 18,654 78 .

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right of medium line. While in other saponification of the oil in the intestines,

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In A Lodge in this city, composed exclusively of women, it was

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shreddy one, a middle zone of brownish red tissue, and an outer zone of hyper-

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the most gentle syringing, the^plug is promptly removed.

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Plate I — Appearance of mouth in epizootic aphtha 282

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A full report of its trial in the Pennsylvania Hospital, in this

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however, for not treating sick birds is that the excrement is probably

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Njigeli. He says : " I consider myself authorized, where to a certain

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tal organization must precede mental disorganization." While his

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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year

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proving the digestion and promoting the efficiency of vital func-

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b. In the first mortgage bonds of a railroad company

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For the first time in the history of the college the prize awarded to

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under the ant. sup. spine of the ilium, and but very few cases have .been known

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nor invest in nor make loans upon the bonds or other

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strangulated. I first saw the child the next day — at this time it was not possible

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or from a skylight. There seems to be a mistaken idea in the construction of

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Averae^e precipitation from Sept. i to date, 17.15 inches.

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Israel, in 1883, succeeded in inoculating a rabbit with a piece of an actinomy-

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N. B. — All kinds of Artificial Limbs repaired on reasonable

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neutral sulphate of atropin was added to the matters injected. Hence

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injury to the mucous membrane. As I presume that he is open to conviction, I

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with on account of the liability of the pathogenic bacteria involving the fresh

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the rims of both being luted with clay. Heat is>

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the eight divisions (astangas) of Ayurveda, meaning treatment of

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important subject, thus tabulates the symptoms which should suggest the ear as

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In cases of engorgement of the cervix-uteri they afford marked relief; in fact,

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should be coated with full strength official citrine ointment,

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malaise^ fever, and muscular pain. There are also cases with

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During the past year the receivers of this bank, in compli-

is valium used for high blood pressure

2nd. Having formed adhesions, externally through the abdominal parietes.

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leucorrhea, her menses were profuse and lasted for 10 days. She was constipated

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