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The first step must be to regulate the habits and life of
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injury it infitcts upon bones, splintering or sink-
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when it is taken by the stomach; wherein the difference in action between its hy-
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Assisted by Dr. W. W. Cozart, the patient on a narrow table in
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know what parts of the body or which of its liquids contain the virus
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confirmation of this many correspondents of the Department write that
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time this number of the Journal is issued, and a prompt response
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acetanilid comp., with five grains of Dovers powder every two or
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Avith a long tube, inserted in an inclined position,
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conceive, purpose, and plan to collect In the defense of damage suits ,the de-
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determining cause ot the lesions of tuberculosis; on the other hand,
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Tube No. 10 : No membrane ; liquid turbid ; slight deposit. Swarms with the mi-
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St. Vitus' dance and scarlet fever, and gives the first good and suffi-
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glass Contraction,'' which elicited much favorable comment.
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careless in the after- treatment, he is apt to meet with results similar to those the
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shown that the spores or germinal matter of bacteria are universally
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construction of the apparatus, the mystical formulae
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1-800; potassium permanganate, 1-12,000 to 1-1000, or nitrate
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nose and throat, also by pledgets of cotton or tampons,
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mark the superior limit of the fistulous track which may run several inches up
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When yon discover these people, be truly a Good Samaritan to them. Their grat-
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In passing to the consideration of diseases of the alimentary canal, we are con-
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A NEW medical weekly, called the Philadelphia Medical Journal
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requires the opening of the abdomen, and necrosis may be the result. Tieing the
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their yonthfal state for a long time. Aristotle, Pliny, and Galen all mention the
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the naso-pharynx, it is of the greatest importance that the in-
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up to 101° in the evening. Her appetite is fair and the bowels regular, but I can
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be sprinkled on its head' J with salts and keep them in
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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 72
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