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Value, by books, of other real estate, held or owned by foreclosure or
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position ; and, in fine, I was inclined to attribute
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(3) Cf. Rasarwava iijijif ^K^i^ii ?fftri^^^fc|| "Silver
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should not be undertaken without a most careful study of the entire question. In
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Medium and mild degree cases should receive treatment re-
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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : January 1 and July 1 ;
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detected the disease in this animal. She was preserved and afterwards used in other
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process seems to go in abeyance, while in the preataxic process the employment
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meters were thrown into the vagina, a tampon being then intro-
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channels of infection, nevertheless, one good thorough curettage at the first onset
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MODERN SMALL ARM-BULLETS.— {^rf//(?ria/ InternaU Journal of Sur-
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serves ;" "Modern writers are the moons of literature ; they shine
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what valium is made of
necessity of the application of chemistry to improve
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her uncomfortable, she had better satisfy her increasing appetite by eating
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The bag should not be placed in contact with the skin, but should be separated
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habitual traumatism. If we could restore the curves and strength and mobility
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to the commissioners by five or more officers, trustees, ^ r 8 g to e f tc
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pared fresh with each operation. The solution is not at all irritating but rather
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by difficult breathing, it is fair to infer its loca-
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* Hist. Nat. de l'Islande ; Buffon. hist, nat.,- Strabo? t
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Under appendicitis, to cut or not to cut is the perplexing question. McDonald
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Bascoul practices in Algiers, where it is not always possible
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(1) The^ patient should be given an ^^^^^) ^^^ ^^^ ^^.^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^
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tion knew of none, or at least but one or two colored insane.
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Missouri— Dr. J. H. Bridwell. New Jersey— Dr. J. C. Stroud.
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such persons and, upon certification by him that a claimant
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ing powder, and insist upon continence for at least three
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whereas it is aggravated by arsenic. The attack usually commences
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«ava and of green vitriol in R.R.S. (see pp.71, 92)
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forcible restraint, it taking several strong men to hold him down
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posit a.nd turbidity. Swarms with the micrococci throughout, though they are most
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in this matter. It is not to those necessarily in official positions — medical super-
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10 shares Williamstown National Bank, Williamstown, .... 600 00
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though he claims that his head is not perfectly clear at all times. His vision is
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to fan it into a full blaze. This current is now supplied in freedom
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uncomfortable feeling that the operation may not have a successful issue. For
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