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Incorporated March 19, 1872. Present number of corporators, 21.

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sions which have temporarily closed the leaking sinus.

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the right. There was no pressure on ihe trachea which was normal in size and

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that the patient may be saved by making water and its salts, it is also diuretic. It

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religion and religious excitement are in the excess. Considering his

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children should be lightly clad in thin woolens and exposed to

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believe must be placed before all others, that for the diseased stomach, decidedly

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comes as often as before, in order that massage may be used. From the begin-

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early are of questionable propriety, given later are obviously dangerous. Opium,

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Gram's method. The most characteristic stain is probably that recommended by

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Welch, Curtis Wade, 5009, . os Angeles, Coll. Med. Univ. So. Cal., June a, 1898.

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gate keeper of this establishment was subject to attacks of dipso-

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proi inenl features are tumors of varying degrees of hardness in

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Death in hemorrhage is sufficiently infrequent to justify, in most cases,

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found to be fractured transversely into two fragments, the upper being quite a

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With the exception of the bodies last mentioned, the appearance of

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geal joint. As to treatment of corns, it be soaked daily in a solution of formalin

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California, held Apr. 5, 1898, the following certificates were granted:

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labor. It contracts and relaxes in a regular manner. I admit, in some cases, the

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more, and then is washed off. As a permanent application the

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be to treat such practitioners with great gallantry and respect,

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Open for business every business day, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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of many (who^ unlike Aristotle; supposed it to be material) to

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tract, such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, etc. In a small town of leas

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numbers of the journal, they intend to produce two or more extra

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a patient's dying from bleeding from this operation, even should

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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-

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On another occasion he loaded a rifle and shot and wounded several horses that

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the water with which they are saturated, or in specially dry seasons

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tained that the periods were irregular, the last interval being only


*^ Fire '* by Marcus Graecus and in the writings of

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I first introduced among you that medicine that has

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centrated than is indicated by the proportion used, and were thus destroyed.

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it seenis to be a well-established fact that no sul-

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