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destroyed in the stomach, so that food in which the starch has been converted into
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examined. In fifteen cases the ovary was normal, in seventeen inflamed, in five
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every day." The fact that the lady sleeps well, eats well, is fat and in no pain,
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Open for business every business day except Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
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osis of both the Mitral and Aortic Valves — Dila-
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used externally in the skin diseases called kustha^
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treatment of cracks or fissures in the nipples: —
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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 1,622
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The chest should, throughout the entire course of the disease, be encased in a
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(2) Nagarguna was a friend of Satvahana, a king of Kosala
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 973
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Pasteur finds that guinea pigs are not killed by such inoculations as
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examined. In fifteen cases the ovary was normal, in seventeen inflamed, in five
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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year
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There are two diseases which are classed as general and not infectious, rachitis
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and ready to judiciously direct the nerve forces to produce the muscular action.
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will avail themselves of this opportunity to refresh their memories.
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 648
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corporation, by any officer thereof duly authorized by it,
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned, as per books,
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accumulations of which are included in the sum above named.