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Rbid, Alexander, 4898, Stayton, Ore., Med. Dept. Univ. Oregon, April 1, 1S96.

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with success. A capable anesthetist is needed also, both to administer the anes-

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20 grains) every hour until from 60 to 80 grains have been used.

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bonds or other personal securities, payable and to be paid 1876, 203, §9,

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until he can be removed to a field hospital in which he can benefit from all the.

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Case of Necrosis of Left Femur— -Elong <a. Hon of the

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The subsequent history of the malady will depend very largely upon whether

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Incorporated March 18, 1892. Present number of corporators, 35.

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Absence of the Physician. By Charles VV. Dulles, M.D. Sec-

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10 shares National-Exchange Bank, Boston, $1,000 00'

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utes after the expulsion of a full-term fetus, no difficulty will be experienced in

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