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the nitrous efflorescences." — Dr. Center's Note on

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fluid extract of cascara sagrada, a pinch of salt in the bottle, the

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and kept cleansed. 44 cases were treated thus. No local treatment at all. Time,

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A.M., M.D., Denver, Colorado. From Jour. A. M. A., Oct aj, 1897.

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traits and other En^raviu^s. Philadelphia, New York, Chicaj^o. F. A. Davis Co., Publishers.

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the necessity of determining the comparative activity of different disin-

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Cf. " Among the strictly Indian products, we have the two

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selected where the near residents are known to be lewd or in any way immoral.

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Hampshire County National Bank, Northampton 10,000 00

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cautery. There is no doubt that tubercular fistula may be the first symptom of

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28,000 Cleveland & Pittsburgh R.R. 3£s, . 25,000 00

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and keep injecting it as you draw out the syringe. Then cut

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On account of the laxity of the subcutaneous tissues in this locality, abscesses