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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds.
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tion of burnt shells, &c., the preparation is called
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ness. Baths of any kind should not be taken within two hours
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Association, in Detroit, Mich., on the 13th, 14th and 15th Nov.
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Its price is to be one dollar. Stromeyer's work on Military Sur-
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Alexander Pedler, F. R. S., Director of Public Ins-
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the good effect of proteids temporarily, and in the milder cases, the symptomatic
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very high degree of nutritive valne." This belief is not generally
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should it occur it can be readily controlled. It is not followed by
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Office Payments.— Dr. A. F. Shelly, Dr. W. Buun. By Mr.
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able for a few days following treatment. 403 E. Franklin Street.
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reaction, or any immediate bad results. In after treatment it was not necessary
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copoeia is now being prepared, but the work will not be ready
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ing, known as the dry and the wet. The dry method is preferable to the wet,
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reached. Do the same on the other side of the finger ; these two incisions form
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my request, and brought a sheet on which he said he had been sleep-
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interested, as to the effects of tobacco upon the animal economy.
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15 or 20 grains a day is given at night until a drowsy effect on the
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H. F. Rowland, the patient in this case, is twenty-
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results are made possible is the same channel by means of which a local pelvic
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hence," if it happens to be without granules it is entirely invisible under
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tilation of the sewers, which at once tends to reduce the virulence of the
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61 shares First National Bank, West Newton 5,000 00
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solution during the day, and measures to immobilize the intes-
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quired, rabbits and mice were successfully inoculated, and their blood
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ing volumes than Poz*s Book of Martyrs, Gunn's Family Physician, Baxter's
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tion of aseptic and antiseptic measures. We may expect about the same amount
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reforms in municipal sanitation, having succeeded, after many years of persistent
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B. Woodward. Kentucky — Dr. J. D. Jackson. Maryland — Dr.
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(i) Roth : "Indischen Studien," XIV, 399 ; also Buhler ^
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animals were placed in stalls with a diseased animal on either side. They were
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in this case. He had seen a number of typhoid hips. One of them was under
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the liquid principle of the gems is thus collected.
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cal, would have insured him a position in the first