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cision is preferable, because the operator first rib". Some difficulty was experi-
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Society, of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia; physician to St. Joseph's Hospital. Fifth
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ical rest and relieve the pressure to which the diseased bone was subjected. He
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ible, and altogether better than the ivory, hard rubber,
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virulent peritoneal exudation obtained from Kew Jersey. This case un-
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Peruvian doctors use an emulsion of castor- and almond- oils in
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ting the internal ear through the eustachian tube, and spraying the nose and
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the combination of those methods is essential to obtain the
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(under the New Patents,) in unexampled perfection. Thousands
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Dr. Bumham : I have been much interested by the paper of Dr. Doig. I
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of the skin and plain eruption of papulae. He thinks that a sufficiently
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substances necessary to the existence of the offending organisms.
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fession at this House, and construct the " PALMER LIMBS,"
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 1,149
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Moore, was given to a woman — Dr. Kate Wilde, a position attained,
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in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-nine to do busi-
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This arrangement of the rope, looped, instead of fastened at the fulcrum, insures
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tended that hectic fever may occur idiopathically .
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Day, Robert V.', 4759, Los Angeles, Coll. Med. Univ. Southern Cal., June 3, 1897.
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almost always found these different organisms in liquids studied by me
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Dr. W. P. Welborn ; Dr. P. C. Eckleman. Kansas— Dr. A. Wood-
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look pale. There may be jaundice in Operation affords the only means of a
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In eczema impetiginoides of children, I have noticed little benefit
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use of this drug that it is now my custom, in every case of
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