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Incorporated May 15, 1855. Present number of corporators, 64.

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Pruritis. — Pruritis, either general or localized, especially

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chronic cystitis through their antiseptic effect on the urine, each in five grain

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In pruritus around the genitals, due in many cases to the

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Provident Institution for Savings, etc., Boston — Continued.

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(2) This chapter also is evidently quoted from the work of

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monthly supplement (The Monthly Cyclopedia), which will give a synopsis of the

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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : first Monday in May and

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disinfection comes curettage and intra-uterine irrigation. While by some there

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the Bacillus subtilis, and consequently as the Bacillus anthrads, and

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Drs. S. S. <£■ R. S. W, Pa.— Propylamine is obtained by dis-

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