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Faulty technique may produce pyo- may materially hasten the end.
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ago, found the blood to contain 48 per cent, of haemoglobin,
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solution had sufficient strength to coagulate the albuminoid constituents
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headache, swimmin| in the head or oth- P^^^^.^^e of pains in the ovarian region of
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his patient's condition and treatment before neurectomy for tic -douloureux was
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Spleen : Had a deep red border, and was mottled over its surface.
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little affected, but one day, during a boxing match, he was struck on the right
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obstetrical operations, takes place in about thirty per cent, of the cases; that is,
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temperature (104^° F.) the twelfth day, but soon recovered.
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intermission. Mercury does hot affect the mouth and bowels of
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tive changes in the intestinal tract. Its antiseptic and bactericidal potency has
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red earth used in colouring pots in equal parts, rub
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 2,978
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vation of the general practitioner at a time when a cure can be accomplished by
valium age limit
I consider of value. For local application either heat or cold may be employed ,
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with eacl. ; G. H. Presten. Illinois — Dr. M. Davis. Iowa — Drs.
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wash and bath rooms, cloak rooms, lunch rooms and way to closets. This would
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cold than the white man. It is, too, contended that business cares
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100 shares Massachusetts National Bank, Boston, $10,000 00
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Rasset Leather, embosssed, and lined inside with Velvet The Bottles in these Chests are Flint Gla=s, with ground Stonnera
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Any physician who has not employed veratrum viride in
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He never had any real use for the drug; its action can never be re-
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C C, the interomo-hyoid fascia, -which is attached to the poste-
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opinion to patient and friends. In operations involving the peritoneal cavity it is
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strongly on this subject, that I had some thoughts of engaging a full
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Pia No. 4. — Inoculated with virus that had hem mixed one-half hour lefore iming with four
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and July ; payable second Wednesday in January and July.
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sauce — such is the invigorating effect of living
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resolutions, who reported the following, which were
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an overgrowth of neuroglia because in the absence of the higher tissues it is
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operations give as little anodyne as possible, none at all is better. Here codein
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seen the work we give the following contents: Examination of the female pelvic
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calculi. In one case an eminent surgeon had decided to oper-
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same time not the least microbicidal is the oxychloride of copper. This is made
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sibility of the introduction of germs from the atmosphere. In this appa-
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Number of loans, which are of an amount not exceeding $ 3,000 each, 211
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duration of pregnancy, and how would you calculate the date of confinen.ent?
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use of hydrastinine. The dose has not been positively determined, but the
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the pulse becomes weak and rapid, fourteen to sixteen months old, raw meat
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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-
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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902,. . 1 1| per cent., 37,370 93 >
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instances a child's voice is irremediably injured by the practice in vogue in the