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spread use by the profession in this class Glyco-Thymollne in Tonsillitis,

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The superficial inguinal glands are greatly enlarged and of a deep red throuo-hout.

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the cleansings, or lochial discharge. Upon examining the cervix

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They are accurately fitted in separate divisions to insure safety in carriage. Each Chest fastens with a Sprint Lock These

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chanical — or astringent or a styptic — and then

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Part II. of the report, to be submitted later in the session,

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the heart failure comes on suddenly but there may have been one or two prelim-

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solubility. Antikamnia and its combination in tablet form are great favorites of

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inclosed poison and to do away with the pressure which forced it back

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was then trephined into the diaphysis close to the epiphyseal line, and a deposit

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would no longer be any place for distinct categories in mental med-

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cal Society. Indianapolis. 1883. Baker & Randolph, Printers, In-

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The patient under the influence of chloroform, on the left side

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of the lymphatic glands or the internal organs. Even spontaneous cures are pos-

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ria must be killed at exactly the same point ; if the bacteria are destroyed

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Dr. Frederick D. Lente, an eminent physician and surgeon, died'

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tion. The great number of assistants that many surgeons have around them ne

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considered. By William Boericke, M. D. become infected, and the method, in turn,

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article on Fibroids, at the Fresno meeting of the State Medical Society, said : In

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him would be to compare the speed of the plow horse on the race course with a

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from the cure (?), be submitted to a surgical cure in fact, not in fancy, for the

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2. Observe and enforce the utmost cleanliness about the cattle, their attend-

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Incorporated March 9, 1895. Present number of corporators, 102.

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it is remembered that the act of swallowing a stimulant increases the rapidity of

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human face which never could have been lighted up with thought — a living face

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nobly — the Surgeons remained on the field when all.

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into the fragments so as not to wound the cartilage.

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Traces of free chlorine could also be found in some-

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mentioned in the' two preceding paragraphs at no more

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Number of days with .01 inch or more of precioitution,

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preferable form of the drug, as given in this form it has a local

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tissues covering it were slightly thickened by the recent inflamma-

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rule, symptomatic of rachitic, knock-knee or flat-foot and represented an effort of

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