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hermetically-sealed glass tube containing virus in a liquid form. It
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terference had been abstained from, when there was no urgent need
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Gordon, F. H., 4790, Los Angeles, Rush Med. Coll., 111., Mar. 31, 1891.
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Let us consider this a moment. The ruinous effects of the epileptic seizures
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10 shares First National Bank, New Bedford, $1,000 00
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^hown in the figures, I found that they were, evidently, leucocytes,
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Section 3. This act shall take eifect upon its passage.
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preventing old age and prolonging life — the Elixir
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large knuckle protruding from the inner ring, but not constricted, as I could
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sis from its erect and godlike images, the living temple of an enshrined divinity
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infusion of beef, which were placed in the incubator without addition
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Open for business every business day, 8.30 a.m. to 1.15 p.m.
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f 1| per cent., $11,779 80 ] 23 726 90
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of the surgical treatment of cerebral tumors, protested especially against trephin-
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^—^^M^B^i^^l^-^— ^^^i^^^"^— ■— ' ■■■-■III I ^ I ■ ■ ■! ^^^^1^^^^^^^— — ^^i^»^»^— ^^^
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fort. Ice-bags are of great importance, and should be employed
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ent time, when a vast wave of patriotism is rolling over the land, making the
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instruments, in the shape of caustics only, should be
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had caused sudden death, or at autopsy when death had resulted from other
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the medical profession — in Southern California by attending and
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Amount of deposits, not including dividends, received during the year
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monly produce death when they act upon the blood of pregnancy.
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ways corresponds with the modifications of the osseous tissue o
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is exactly analogous to the assimilation of food by the higher animals,
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die, yet without hope except death. * * • Her hair was snow-white and
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the former are never organized or united, whereas the latter invariably
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purchased, four taken at random were at once inoculated with active
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catch your hare. It is no reason that, because diagnosis is difficult,
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all its noxious, deleterious, and useless principles, upon which its bad effects depend.
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used more than twice, or at another nursing. By the time the
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reliable remedies at once, viz., mercury, iodide and vegetable alteratives (which
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fully systematized; the various portions of the plan are not yet even
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of cumulative effects. He recommends its administration ac-