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8. How many viable children born in your practice ?

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Br. W. N. Hubbs, with encl.; Br. W. K. Gleason, with encl.; Br.

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BioKLOw, Predbrick E , 49A0, San Francisco, Rush Med. Coll., III., Ma> 37, 1897.

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Cary Warner P., 4740, Pasadena, Med. Dept. North Western Univ., Illinois. Apr. 24, 1894.

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the following topics: first the features of disease, second the management of the

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putrid blood, &c., may be boiled for even eleven hours without destroy-

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Comniunications are invited from physicians everywhere: especially from physicians on the Pacific

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Wbavek, Benj. J., 4904, No th Ontario, Rush Med. Coll., 111., March aS, 1893.

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ble for the direful results too often witnessed in this affection.

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the intervals of the fits pass for normal persons. Others again have delusions and

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valium side effects 5 mg

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Dead birds should be burned, or deeply buried at a distance from

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Number of loans which are of an amount not exceeding $3,000 each, 327

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