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I P.M. The whole fqrenoon was a blank though it was filled with conscious acts.,

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For the management of the public library he is required to choose

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He considers it applicable to all uteri of normal or slightly more than normal

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gives the signal for the shutter of the camera to be raised, by

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grains a day for months, with periods of rest, during which

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<:ious day in autumn, fasting and in pure body, select

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that the presence of calculi is no obstacle to the attenuation, and

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therapeutics so much the fashion to-day; and while balancing the

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called to do in three cases for physicians in all mv labor cases I advise to lie on

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Dr. a. M. RiTTBR, of Milo, Ohio, January 29th, 1898, writes: I wish to speak

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sel when he has completed his operation. In his abdominal hysterectomies he

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the case of anthrax by two methods ; that of Toussaint, which consists

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Secretary Dr. J. H. Highsmith, President, Fryetteville.

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level with the pubic symphisis, large enough to admit the index fin-

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of it, it is placed in a separate building for fear

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of a tola of gold in the course of a day, 750 tolas

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Berry, New Yory City. of ^l^js Society, which amount shall be collected

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and at ;long intervals is its congener nitro-glycerine. A third which

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alcohol lainp to destroy any germs adhering to its surface, then force

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exhaust the suggestions and remedies of the physician.

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California, held August 5, 1898, the following certificates were granted:

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of necessity be extremely unsatisfactory. For instance, the spherical

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Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Bate of Interest.

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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : January 1 and July 1 ;

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And being purified from all the noxious and deleterious elements, its operation is attended by

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below the published standard of the j Association of American Medical Colleges,

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anti-toxin will soon take its place as a valuable and trustworthy remedy for this

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Dysmenorrhoea, frequently noticed in women with a ten-

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" The Boke of Children," by Thomas Phayer, 1444; it is based upon

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Bead before the Brooklyn Aledico-Ckirurgical Society.

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injections of antitoxic serum and the patient recovered. This was the second case

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septifemia— that is, that such maladies may arise spontaneously by ex-

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departure the hiccoughs returned, and the patient applied the

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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :

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portion of the disinfectant they did not multiply; were they simply hindered from

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Gallois advises for this purpose that the boil be painted

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Michigan Central Railroad Company, of the Lake Shore Railroad, etc.

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structures are not injured. The cornea is frequently perforated with the result of

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one tube are then added to each bottle of milk given to the

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company more than three per cent of its deposits in, nor

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