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fifteen pounds, after being placed on a strict diet, the diet
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crushed with the fingers. This form ends generally in diffuse osteomyelitis.
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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-larws : January 1 and July 1 ;
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neck, deformed limbs and bent spines. Health resorts, frequented for years by
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With these explanations, the following statement is made as the
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Method of Colostomy; Prevention of Hemorrhage in Hip-joint Amputation by
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Medicated Uterine Wafers with distinctly favorable results, as follows. Thirty -
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for before the method should be commended at all. The protection given to the
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bors made possible the erection of the ^^ his father in Durham, N. C. Dr. Roy
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gratifying results. It is void of repugnant taste and is readily retained by the
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definition of insanity as *'that mental condition characterized by a pro-
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Malarial, while indicating the source of the disturbance as having
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Grace Church, Charleston, S. C. t^l Diseases— Dr. E. H. Terrell, Rich-
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pear on the surface, similar to its action on pus in other
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not needed for thorough drainage. The kidney did well and gave no trouble, but
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other insects which eat the blood during dissection, or which feed upon
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Ho. I, containing 12 1 oz. Ground Stop. Bottles and
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As a whole the charter is a large advance over the present one, and
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of liver from those recently dead. After five days they were still per-
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This is the Pure and Essential Extract from the Native Drug.
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the head of Lithsemia by Rachford, and Syphilis by Chopin. The infectious
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investment. 1898, isi, § i, ci. «, a. [i Op. a. g. 149.]
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the nausea following ether. Continuous saline proctoclysis con-
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birth, it is narrow, elongated, much shallower than normal, and often filled with
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menace to free institutions, that something should be done to better
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pheral and not central, as I have seen reported a case of epilepsy of long standing
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life, being in many cases retained and assimilated when everything else is rejected,
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SO. It is WRIT that a man's first duty si:cceed as the sparks are to fly upward
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espectally subject to hallucinations of the senses.
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west of Iskardo, or towards the desert of Gobi described also as
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an old tube over an abscess, very tender to the touch.
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bacilli gives a much feebler reaction than the peptonized bouillon by itself, show-
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the result in several other cases. — Braithwaite.
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had tlie appearance, to tlie casual observer, of being sick. All had good appetites ; in-
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it presents itself similates in many features — it
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morphologic constituents, edema, and uremia, he speaks of the old familia, acute
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State vs Biggs, 133 N. C. 729 and m , ^, . ^ ,. , ,, ^
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, r 4.1, ID iT->TTT 11 l^irst Baptist Church in Houston Sunday
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joint and having a shattering effect, are apt to be a good deal in the nature of a
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success in the cure of Rheumatism, where all other remedies
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a one-inch zinc oxide strapping round longitudinally. The division ot the bone
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ach and intestines ; following these come the urinary sediments. Before taking up
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my care about nine months ago, I prescribed the usual remedies, in this case,