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2. Pathological condition of the fetal joints, resulting in softening and relax-
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Professor of Diseases of Children in the Cleveland Colleg^e of Physicians and Surgeons (Mid.
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the upper part of the corium and only a few giant cells and mast cells were pres-
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half, making delivery possible without mutilation of the fetus.
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Elliott Colbum, of Chicago ; first vice-president, Dr. W. Scheppegrell,
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Coast, and more especially from physicians of Southern California and Arisona.
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exact shade being reproduced in many instances. For instance, the peculiar tint
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chairman it shall make an annual report to Dr. W C Gallowav Wilmineton
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the earliest possible opportunity, and prior to taking the pelvic measure-
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suspensio uteri. This may be done either by drawing a loop of the round liga-
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linas. Articles requiring illustrations can be promptly supplied by
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Dr. E. A. Praeger: Enormous tumors are now a thing of the past, because
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Bruouierb, p. S., 4913, San Francisco. The Med. Dsp^. Univ. Cal., May 17. 189S.
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Dr. Taylor said that in the case of the baby it would be necessary to assume
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What has been said of the eruptive fevers is equally true of malaria, typhoid
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Dr. Millard has performed his task exceedingly well, and as a later
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4. A solution of 60° to 70° P., given within the colon will first stimulate and
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rhage and is of great value in the treatment of the various toxemias, and in renal
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tect the pulsation — this is of importance. The or-
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Fit for Internal Administration — The Origin of Bitumen —
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Treatment — In addition to the mechanical treatment, usually essential in the
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Experiment No. 41, September 1. — Eight cliickcn.s iuoculated with fonr
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2u(i Vice-President, Dr. C. W. Mosley GreensVjoro. N. C.
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the left eye considerably inflamed and suffering not a little pain, sajring that two
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three times daily ; this may be reduced to in the limelight, and now, under the cap-
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account of a brokerage, commission, gift or other consideration for or
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street with a bloody hatchet in his hands with which he had killed his wife. It
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Hospital, Philadelphia. This edition, revised, with 8i illustrations, some in colors, and five plates.
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Citrate of manganese has given fairly good results in
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the list in the treatment of hemoptysis; the former to quiet the
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blood of a 140-pound man at 18 pounds, water constituting 795 parts in 1000 of
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been responding to the irritation not merely of healthy ovaries, but
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make a large opening to permit contact of air. Some one else will have to
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rry ,„.,».. by a dark coloration of the stools. In
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simply the sequence to the traumatism. We now know positively that without a
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D. Salmon, of the Agricultural Bureau; 2. " Swine Plague", by
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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, 454
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quietly in bed, thus giving that rest which is of so much value in the treatment
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ness in this commonwealth nor a company authorized prior
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cinnamon, or other substances. It has certain disadvantages,
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up to this time in infusion of chicken muscle alone, and I find that they
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led Robert Koch to devote his marvelous lential or death ruled portions of the
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irritating qualities, especially to an inflamed mucous membrane; the difficulties in
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more active periods of pain, antikamnia in ten-grain doses was fonnd to be an
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troubles of the genito-urinary organs, is not an adequate description of its thera-