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fession at this House, and construct the "PALMER LIMBS,"

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for reference on Biological Products, mailed on request.

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j bone ; the second (b) is the thyroid, produced by

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THE WOUNDED IN THE PRESENT WAR.— (/«Afr«a/. Jour, oj Surg.)

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man if he is quite unable to raise himself they should be stretched and worn on the

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July 5th, the gain in the patient's condition has not been satisfactory ; has had

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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Rate of Interest.

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soon repeated. Bromide of nickel was - found to allay headache,

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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend J If per cent., $12,838 53 ) or 037 7«

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painful troubles of this character in infants, it nevertheless is

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D. Schoalcs; Dr. J. II. Simins, Del.; Dr. G. J. Stetler. By T. G.

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lu the above experiments the disease was induced in one case with vims

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Into the cavity, which extends to a greater or less extent up into the

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pecuniary embarrassment of the masses, the proposed Year Book

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of the peritoneum is not uncommon ; it is described in three forms, which are

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warm weather hold it in a tank of fresh, cold water.

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that usually given in the books. Czermak's image is the one most

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References :— Dr t. Gurney Smith, Dr. John Neill, Dr. An-

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filled with red, almost erectile, granulations, and healing is soon

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erty formerly belonging to the Eastern Railroad Company,

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Annual Report of the Supervising Surgeon-General of the

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I believe the apparatus just described, and which is not so complicated

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jority of local applications, and internal medication. He takes

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infusion of maize was afterward inoculated with fresh virus and placed

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mental processes of all the tissues, quite as much as to any local inhibition in any-

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In the peritoneal effusion, on slides not passed through the flame of

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to cool and solidify. This use of the plant has long been recog-

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The Antikamnia Chemical Company, Dr. Crothers writes : " Antikamnia continues

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SURGERY.— (-«4. M, /., April 23, '98.) Dr. Joseph A. Mullen. The objects to

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Number of accounts opened during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 486

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class of pupils, who are an injury to the schools, but not objectionable

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Royal Hospital for diseases of the Chest. London, J. B. Lippincotl Co., Philadelphia. 1S9S.

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peutic resources, and are certainly worthy of more careful study

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9 shares Pittsfield National Bank, Pittsfield 700 00

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the irritant action of the iodine. Later on a i-per-cent. solution of iodine in white

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substance as the kalanimak or ''black salt *' ; it is

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Buchanan. Dr. B. was a volunteer surgeon during the Polish in-

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merits as an health ojQBcer, and establishes a good precedent in taking