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Place. [September number of Wood's Library of Standard Med-
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Post-mortem examination.— SUn : The eruption still very plain , and consists of papules
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of sugar in the gallon. "When milk-warm, add a small piece of
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coction parfaite, Tardeur du.soleil coagule cet amal-
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drawing from the blood taken from a vein just before the death of the
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loin, probably from invasion of a sjrmpathetic ganglion and vaso-motor paresis.
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as directed above — iron thus reduced to ashes is to
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poisoning. Panum isolated a putrid extract and a narcotic substance.
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last course of lectures given by the late Dr. Austin Flint, he tried to impress the
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Value, by books, of other real estate, held or owned by foreclosure or
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the cases before they are incurable and is fooled by the cleverly written Patent
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worthy signs than the variations of the temperature. Take away
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much elongated, in a child of \% years 3.5 cm. long and 4 m.m. thick; in uni-
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an ulcer on the penis, and can trace its history J drink from a pint to two quarts a day, in the
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Colored .............. ........ 25.G in 1^000 colored 24.0 in 1,000
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specimen number sent free of cost to << friend whose attention he
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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :
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water, the endovascular tension is restored, the friction increases, and the pulse
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organisms were introduced. Billroth** found in fluids of an intense
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the application of this remedy, pass from absolute sleeplessne?B
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and the bladder each morning was injected with weak carbolic
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tive in depleting or evacuating the organ is highly improbable. Purgatives given
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of the uterus if used sufficiently early. Ordinary douches and
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The Lancet (September 29th) makes the following comments,
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bismuth and mistura creta, will meet many requirements of the practitioner
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of the Georgics. About 1650 an Italian poem appeared called
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who puts atropia into the eyes and the spasm ceases to be a factor in that
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spoonful of Avater ran out of his mouth when given; pulse 100,
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SiK-: JnjtH-t d»t:-j»lv with a loii^ ne«*dle into
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enjoyable session with a program of five tides are fine and the book is printed on
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" Very well, I have something here that will cure you. Take a teaspoonful of
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lesions of cholera by feeding blood, &c., of septictemic animals.
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wall. After cutting through the abdominal wall down to the blad-
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and the business of the meeting trans- is an expert in mental disease and care of
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into shape, and then smoothed and polished. Through the terminals of the larger
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Tube No. 60 : 1 to 500. Liquid contains a transparent flocoulent deposit. There
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cystitis. She had suffered from leucorrhea six months. The region of the right
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incision. But not only this, but careful measurements made years after the
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There are a great many simple remedies for internal admistration, a section on
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will be both complete and acciurate. What is true of this branch is also true of
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accepted the forlorn hope which the operation presented.
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Communications are invited from physicians everywhere; es()ecially from physicians on the Pacific
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gestion resolve itself under this free diaphoresis.
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their handsome "Small** -and "Large'* size air-tight tins, and also to kindly