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Whbrbas, The American Medical Assocoation did, at Detroit, in 1892,

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to pursue either a remittent or a more nearly regular course. In some cases the

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blemish. Painting lightly with glacial acetic acid will cause

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only theoretically correct, but practical. This is the plan so common in the

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has given evidence of marked capacity $300,00 in the local court May 1st on a

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Flat Top Medicine Trunks, made of Russet Bridle Leather,

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aim now being to enhance the digestive powers and to maintain

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within them, and it seemed very probable that these granules were orig-

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Geneva, Wisconsin, has made a microscopical examination of the

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EXPEKIMENT No. 12. — Effect of heat. — In this experiment the contents of the tubes

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cultivation of the germ in free air mitigates its viruleiice and fatality.

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galaxy of gold and silver medals (fifty "Pirst Prizes" won, over

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not briUant enough to warrant the use u- 1 ^t ..• 4-1 4.- ■ ■

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by means of a pounder, similar to those used for pounding

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Total Amount of Loans, 'with Each Specified Bate of Interest.

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from which we have published, and will send on application.

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Cask IX. Mexican, aet 26. On November 20th, 1897, was struck on the head

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said sixty days from the date of such notice, such person

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Ite established. rectly. If as we anticipate, these cases

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gum blanket will answer), two to three inches in width, and of

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1. Filaments straight or bent, but not 2. Filaments twisted in

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delirium becomes the open sesame of hidden stores of wealth. Dickens, in

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and religion were diametrically opposed, seized the opportunity of a closer and a

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Enos Loring, President. Howard P. Hersey, Treasurer,

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tion; and that typhoid spine was more common, depending on an inflammation of

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profession, which he loved; of his thorough fitness in scientific attainment and

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of the Operation of Osteotomy. By Dr. Milton Josiah Roberts. Re-

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must be under the will power, and begin to work in a certain order, so that the

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or efficient. However, if used at all, it ought to be intelligently employed, and,

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dissolved out by dilute acid in the first operation

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duced by a small cotton tampon or preferably a bit of cotton

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the products of the putrefaction they cause, and that the immunity

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during his stay in that country were not affected with contagious pleuro-

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better clothes for the family, prosperity, removed to St. Louis, Mo., where he

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notably zinc, will generate salts which are quite irritating. As the current passes

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exactly the same index of refraction as the liquid in which it lives, and,

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the patient or a friend, gives a surgical opinion ;

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was then opened and the catheter extracted and the wound left open.

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these operations were performed when surgery was in its infancy