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For convenience of examination and to avoid repetitions, the inocula-
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happy and useful 1898. There is naught to any of us in one year
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poee. Patients who were moribund have, it is said, been revived by immersion
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gular flap of integuments, including the cicatrix in
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mal physical states, morbid anatomy, medical certificates and feigned insanity.
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2. That a larger dose (250 units for a child of two, up to 500 units for one of
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lost all memory of what was past, but having a written witness
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None of the San Diego physicians knew of Dr. Sharp's professional
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ing to Dr. Mahomed, its great superiority over amyl lies in its grad-
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The tolerance to sugars is to be increased, if possible, and the
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who were not bom with brains badly, unstably organized, insanity usually being
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affection of his patient — giving it a " local habi-
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mine. It is handsomely put up in bottles containing about 6
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The general treatment will consist of antipyretics, probably the best of which
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the group of naevo-carcinomata, arising Editorial News Items.
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stantly endeavors to rub the affected ear. 2. It utters a sharp C17 of pain on
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is not his own ; it belongs to his country, which I
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No. 50 North Seventh Street, will be continued by MRS*
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that blood-serum has a protective action tmued for a considerable length of time
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soluble ; -i oleic acid, is to fill a gelatine capsule with the oleate ami
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Amount invested in real estate for banking purposes, $29,704 82
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a small vein, then breaking across the walls of the vessel and allowing
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Stomach : — The mucous membrane on the great curvature is of a deep brownish-red,
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After the third week the patient must be treated daily with massage, passive and
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chance of adhesion under its gripe. More perilous than here is the
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Ever since the days of Hippocrates, pathologists have striven
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tissues. Most of such easily recognized and thorough removal of diseased tissues,
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ScHAFP, C. W., 4774, San Francisco, Med. Dept. State Univ., Iowa, Mar. a, 1881.
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Times for the dividends fixed by the by-laws : second Tuesday in April
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in the New England states and incorporated under the
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Condensed Milk. — While Dr. Richard Ncale, of London, is
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same vault with such other bank or national banking
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a few other little things, are all that greet the eager
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septic gauze, awaiting the result!^ of the operation. The stertorous breathing
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classes of men are. found to cluster in the suburbs of
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comfortable. Invaluable, especially for infants, for its
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lished at $4 each. Being anxious to dispose of them at the lowest
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No. 4, containing 201l^oz. Ground Stop. Bottles and
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ia a well written article, which closes with the remarkable statement of the
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joint. This radical procedure was earnestly desired both by the patient and his
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