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same holy authority, upon separate slips of paper ;
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administration and being now on the retired list of the U. S. Army.
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expert men, for speed, power and dura- s^aU continue to be our aim to furnish
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Messrs. Wood have done well to give the American profession a
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Uterus, inflammatory disease of neck, treatment, 562.
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faces have been exposed uncovered by j^^jj^, ^^^^-^ ^^ff^^^^ ^,p,,j, ^j.^ mucous
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In the child a much less cause will destroy it, and at the same time cause an irre-
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in order to prevent pus-formation. Support by bandages is
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fort. Both femoral necks were depressed beyond a right angle vnth the shaft,
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there by forcible inflation. Those not so irrationally treated, excluding those from
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actuary and a majority of its board of directors, showing
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congestive conditions of the kidneys and of the urinary mucous membrane.
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Flat Top Medicine Trunks, made of Russet Bridle Leather,
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given for suicide are so many and exist to an equal extent in the
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coating, with the compression of the ordinary roller only, and under
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baths at 92° to 96° are best for these cases. Carefully-gradu-
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were inoculated with active virus. One died Septembjsr 27, the other
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whereby they are prevented from obtaining a proper receipt
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sicians* activities and time, depriving them of going into scientific works. And,
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as it not only strengthens the heart but dilates the arterioles,
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upon the patient, which reacts nearly alwa3rs most unfavorably on the
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• Transactions of the Michigan State Medical Society. For the
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ative to the first half of the question, that man, E. S. Jones, W. P. Carr, Raymond
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In the illustrations ot the bones, the origin of muscles are indicated by red lines,
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He further states that relief may be obtained by applying
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race population. The figures for 1880 show the whites to have an
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Johnson. Silas F. 5017, Los Anjfclcs, Coll. Med. Univ. Southern Cal., June i, 18^
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provisions of this section shall not apply to the deposit
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cal explanation of the reactions involved in these lay outside their
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Parke Davis & Co. have issued a handsome little brochure of the
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The smallpox at Spadra is now under control. Dr. Kellogg, of
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be perfectly fresh and normal. All animals from which glands and
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ration in these doubtful cases is far safer the Association depends very largely on
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White ■ 223.0 in 100,000 White 94.7 in 100 deaths
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tte experimental pigs in infected p£ns, and, cohabitation with the sick.
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Tumor op the Spine; Compression Myelitis; Operation; Death on
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per cent, solution of nitrate of silver locally, to be followed by
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that as a food for this purpose there is nothing that will equal 'IMPERIAL
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with encl. ; Dr. S. C. Franks, with encl. ; Dr. A. Jones. Dr. S. R.
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ings, he prefaces each operation with a long prayer,
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give up self to live the universal and absolute life of reas;on, yet