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influence. The Antikamnia Chemical Company, of St. Louis, in all of its adver-

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the inflammation, opium is indispensable, always in the shape of a suppository,

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M. Berthelot's concluding remarks on Marcus Graecus' "Book

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book will, when put in place, represent just the amount of energy that I expended

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Shurlock, with end.; Br. W. J. McKennon: Br. A. F. Illig,

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devised so that the tuberculous focus can be entirely and safely removed, and yet

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UNUSUAL COUGHS OP CHlhDRB^.— {Pediatrics— EdUoriaL) There are

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10. Clean and thoroughly air the stable before milkiiig; in hot weather ^ninkle

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epileptic insane of the quieter kind often show this disposition for causeless and

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temper upon the slightest provocation, and a dispo-

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A Text Book of Anatomy. By American authors. Edited by Frederic Henry

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of which has been reduced from $2.75 to $2.00. The specially new feature of this

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rule they obtain the advantage in the struggle for existence.

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To reach Hempstead, you drive from the quaint, old town of

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Names of committee charged with the investment of its funds :

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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Bate of Interest.

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demand a large part of one person's time and attention.

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scientific works printed on this side of the ocean, and so frequently lackfng in

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Care of The Patient During Delivery "^'J^/'" '^j^^ involution of the uterus is

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Arlington, Ky. Ex. Pres't So. Western Ky. Med. Assoc.

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It must also include the treatment of a certain number of cases in which no re-

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Total expenses of the corporation for the year ending Oct. 31, 1902 (ex-

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that the introduction of iodine solutions into the tonsillar crypts in cases of

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amendment was as distinct as it was immediate ; both patients felt stronger, phy-

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a right angle with each other. A flap is then made from the anterior aspect of

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Total Amount of Loans, with Each Specified Bate of Interest.

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peristaltic movements of the tube, with the loss of the cilia of the cells. The

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the vagina, and recedingat the conclusion of each pain, lean conclude it is held

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a mind and gives to us an American work on this important subject. The author

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as to what IS known, what is yet doubtful, and what seems to be co^^

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does not perceptibly alter the flavor of the oyster.

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finger in the rectum guides the needle as it is passed in, and pre-

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measles followed by a stomatitis they were absent. No prognostic significance

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the Upanishadas and Buddhistic literature with a view to glean in-