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late — there is not enough attention paid to hemorrhage at time of menopause.

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ethereal fluid (akaya), occupying space : it has the

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opening within the bowel only. Sometimes a fistula occurs as the result of

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bones are injured, and in which the line of fracture is oblique, or in which, from

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Dr. Squire showed another diagram which gave the average height

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unadulterated green tea. Let the lovers of the herb

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such nuclei are found free, either singly or in clusters, in various parts,

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of a month. Too few cases are reported to make this article

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the lower extremities and kyphosis in the mid-dorsal region. A bed-sore devel-

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Henry Sedgwick, President. Edward McDonald, Treasurer.

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land, W. M. Logue, S. M. Mann, S. M. Adams, G. J. Arnold, F.

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out of the tissues; yet exudates wended their way between the brain

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stated, that if the excision is made intra-epiphyseal, interference with growth is

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has this to say: "One of these is that condition of peripheral

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continuity be found in the labia or the vulvar extremity of the

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Some of our cotemporaries are greatly exercised over the perver-

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AjmeVy sixty Leagues from Agra, and they get it out of Land that

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the expiration of two years, if desired, the people, the council or the

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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . j 2 per cent., 85,916 40 J

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Number of accounts closed during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . 547

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patients are damaged than helped by the promiscuous drugging

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ney*s point. The pain still persists and is accompanied by a rise of temperature

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perature of the body. The special part is devoted to examination of the

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Round Top Medicine Trunk, Made of Russet Bridle Leather.

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always thirsty ; generally a sweat every morning preceded by chilly sensations,

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curettage usually gives absolute relief of and frequently permanently so, there-

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, Over two hundred pages are devoted to a concise resume of diseases of the

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any of our subscribers were missed in the regular distribution, by send-

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N. J>. — All kinds of Artificial Limbs repaired on reasonable

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zodiacal division. In the springtime rheumatic aflfections were to be

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consequence of his disapproval of vaccination. Along with con-

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recognized fact. Some of these coughs which Thompson designates as useless

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gratifying. The two cases of septic peritonitis were profoundly septic before <^Ma.-

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ance of the mucous membrane mentioned in the text-books and which is not

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suprapubic drainage established. This ble to get a very ^^''^l^l'^^^^'''''' !^bout

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McClblxand, Jamks L., 4S81, Anderson, CaU, Cooper Med. Coll., Dec. S, 1897.