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From this period, all seemed to go on well ; the ec-
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function, for promoting the active elimination of uric acid and to calm the
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that he was fisdling so rapidly from absorption of toxic products, while medicinal
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consisting of alchemistic tricks with various drugs, intended to
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mentary canal, the rest all comes from or through the blood. Estimating the
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Think we should use it in suspected cases and then have the bacteriological
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ruined in morals and ruined in mind power; because a strong mind requires a
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nearest to the centre of spinal axis, and not at right angles to it, as is invariablj
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W. Irving Hysi.op, M.D., 4408 Chestnut street, West Philadelphia, Pa., says:
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the country is divided for the convenience of the Signal Service.
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leave lesions which handicap the patient through life. It is difficult to carry ont
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the hands of the medical practitioner, given in half-teaspoonful doses every four
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An Unusual Case of PotVs Disease.— T>t, Townsend presented a patient in
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from perforation of a large vessel. As to the function of the joint, this is practi-
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University of Pennsylvania, with a Chapter on the Ocular 1 omplications of Typhoid Fever by
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trustee holding money or other personal property for any
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Case of Endothelioma of the Stomach, ^j^^ physical signs since the beginning
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better at once to administer warm oil. If a non-corrosive sub-
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important that examiners should exercise great care in th^ investigation of those
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peditious way of administering all of those alkaloids which are
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Post operative history, normal; physical condition much improved and mental
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The object of the Course will be to extend an opportunity to
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M.D., Surgeon in Chief of the New York Orthopedic Dispensary, and Hospital, etc, New
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out permanent improvement. This was before the removal of the coccyx.
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soap and water, followed by a saturated solution of boric acid,
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College, but we trust that the good sense of the managers of it will
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provisions of their respective charters ; and any such cor-
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little weight on her feet and is steadily improving.
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This paper is simply a report of three cases, the work on which was somewhat
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cal Society. Indianapolis. 1883. Baker & Randolph, Printers, In-
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culus iicaria), gathered when it is blooming in the spring, cut
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cation of recent literature ('96 and '97 by itself.
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Vierordt*8 work is an acknowledged classic; it is not only a veritable mine of
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smaller city makes it imperative upon the metropolis of the south to
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March. 12, four slides were prepared, using urine as a cultivating me-
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FiNDLKY, Wm. J., 4963, New Point, Mo., Coll. Phys. and Surg., Keokuk, Iowa, March i, 1S87.
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the bladder, and the following were the reasons that induced us to
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The feature of interest in this case is the etiolgy.
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Positive historical historical evidence that during
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Rate and amount of each semi-annual dividend f 2 per cent.. $67,570 01 1 ^gg g™ qq
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At such a time as this it is to be expected that the country would be flooded
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well studied experimentally. Clinically it possesses hypnotic and
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Acute cystitis is far less commonly met by the physician than the chronic
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are so characteristic ; it explains, also, the par-