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tions are of service in the removal of roundworms: —

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the middle ear was **a coincidence," or whether it was due to a breaking down or

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Dr. R. Whitman preferred the double spica of plaster of Paris which ensured

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forms, which develop from germs continually present, as the result of

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Of all the encyclopedic dictionaries used in America, the Century ranks easily

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ing into the attic over the entire mastoid region was made. The cells were

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healed the local process in the lungs a ^^ ^^ outline itself and becomes en-

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danger of sepsis. Throughout the entire gestation, as has been hinted at, there

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some epileptics in whom the mind is unimpaired and these of course could not be

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lifetime and which may last from a few hours to several weeks and the patient

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stopping the chief symptom — the hemorrhage. But it is in osteomalacia, a disease

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the frontal bone, bordering the coronal suture, implicating the skin to

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Parke Davis & Co. have issued a handsome little brochure of the

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the cerebellum, with fatal termination, as in a child of six years, observed by

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in three to six weeks. (A sample of Micajah's Medicated Uterine Wafers will be

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" If there be a regal solitude it is a sick bed. How the patient lords it I What

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the brilliant sunshine. Sensitiveness to light is a secondary phenomenon,

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nniversal rule to touch nothing with the hands that has to be left in the abdomen

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analogous to those of icterus from reabsorbed bile (from obstruction

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had caused sudden death, or at autopsy when death had resulted from other

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what I say will be either a relation of my own experience, or will be of those

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Illinois— Dr. B. Woodward ; Dr. J. M. Mack. Indiana— Dr. B.

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the extreme anaemia which he finds affects the kidney during a

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" Srotonjana ( ^t<n^T ) is described as of white

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especially designed for the use of the legal profession in more precisely estima-

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in an exact line with the sensitive plate. The operator, having

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Positive historical historical evidence that during

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Prompt remittances from subscribers are absolutely necessary to

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adrenalin chloride, 2 drachms; cocaine, 5 grains; and water,

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Buhler also points out that " the earlier history of the purinas,

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Amount of withdrawals, including dividends, during the year ending

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and strv^vhing of the spl\inctor is not necessary. The bowels

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to enforce the liability of stockholders in such corpora-

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rough tests serve at once to establish the salvarsan does not reach the subdural

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Graham, Pa.: Dr. C. Preston, Ta. : Dr. David Rose, Jr., Pa.:

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encl.; Br. C V. Barnett. with encl.: Dr. L. A.Sayre. with encl.;

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Clinical Notes on Opium Addiction. By J. B. Mattison, M.D.,

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