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all competition, in the principal cities of the world,) attests the
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29. Malignancy of the Ovaries : Report — Dr. A. M. Whisnant, Charlotte, N. C.
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&$fin looking over our stock of Reporter's on hand ; we
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Total number of open accounts Oct. 31, 1902, .... 12,523
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recommend the employment of incisions and the use of large quantities of hot
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out the enormous amount of secretion which accumulates iu the
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One of the chapters (Lecture XI, p. 242-275, on "Wounds of the
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A specimen of his urine was found to have a very dark color, acid reaction and
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Bacilli similar to those in the blood of the dead animals, and when
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The two remedies are given alternately every two hours;
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was then reapplied to the upper portion, which was now easily re-
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patient is otherwise completely negative tunity to follow their results for more
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ration. Handsome sample boxes of the FOOD, and copies of The Imperial
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excellence of these volumes, so that it is possible that this field may keep on
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last meeting: President, Dr. Fordyce Grinnell; vice-president, Dr.
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Average precipitation from Sept. i to date, 16.73 inches.
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Hughes, M. D.; besides the usual Selections, Editorials, Reviews, Book Notices,
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I was called to see a young man at night. He was said to be bilious. He was
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must be touched up with a solution of nitrate of silver from
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is combined with aromatics it is more likely to be retained. The
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sources, together with his own admirable observations, compiling
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leucorrhea, her menses were profuse and lasted for 10 days. She was constipated
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Incorporated Feb. 17, 1870. Present number of corporators, 24.
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severe attack of colic had occurred for some time, and the urine
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piration and circulation were undisturbed ; in fact,
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It would also be well to have the chief disputant assigned before the
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Geber. Vide " Trait^ d'Alchimie Arabe, " trad. pp. 201-3.
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effectual influence upon them, in order to extract from them the best possible
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" 4. What facts in your experience bearing upon this question?
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more, so from 15 to 35 years of age three-quarters of all cases occur. Under the
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assisting control of the will; that it is a mechanical device used for pumping the
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Gross amount of interest or profits received or earned during the year
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