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suffering from exhaustion, strychnia is valuable ; systematic use of prisms is not
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two or three days without the ingestion of food, if he is in a position not to
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plished, is usually ascertained in America, therefore extraneous matter and dis-
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to be found free in various parts of the preparation as seen in Fig. 9.
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enlarged including over 31, coo words. Philadelphia, P. Blakiston's Sons & Co., loia Walnut
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tThe Microphytes which have been found iu the Blood and their Kelatiou to Dis-
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Cavity. From TeziU Medical Journal. By W. Schbppegrell, A.M.. M.D., New Orleans, La.
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salicylate of sodium but of the other ingredients of Tongaline are felt very
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escapes at the time of the operation and a cure is effected.
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authority could not be disregarded. Ricord's influ-
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and sensitive drum membrane must also be born in mind as a result of such
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BROMIDIA may be depended upon in nervous irritability.
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In the history of the first case it will be observed that the action ot the heart
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crystals may form urates and uric acid. Pathologically oxal-
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Dr E, Spooner. Pennsylvania — Lindsay & Blakiston; Dr. J. B.
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discount. Whoever violates the provisions of this section
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mosquitoes are prevalent, and in the evenings when sitting out-
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limited amount of air is no less so, and that the introduction into the
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received the attention of various medical practition-
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most truculent executioner ; it invades the whole body, from the crown of the
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cold and numb extremities, cardiac irregularity and a general feeling of malaise.
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Dr. Sayre suggested the use of the actual cautery to temporarily relieve the
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turition is given in the foregoing sketch. In every case of child-
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It has further been shown that the development of spores does not take
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during the year ending Oct. 31, 1902, . (2 per cent., 17,861 50 J
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movement Something more is required than the mere control of the muscula r
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by means of a sound, the point of which is made to glide from be-
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adelphia, no information having been furnished by the President of
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sea-sickness contain a mixture of nearly all the carminatives, and
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